The Health IT Security Forum is an international security organization that dedicated to helping healthcare organizations secure their data and that of their patients.  HITSF provides guidance for the healthcare industry on ways to protect privacy, prevent data breaches, maintain the confidentiality of information, and secure healthcare computing assets and medical devices.   HITSF members conduct multidisciplinary research and development in these areas and contribute to the Health IT Security Journal.

Here is the most recent news from our feed.

Grafana Labs Launches Grafana Enterprise Stack

Using ID Screening to Fight COVID-19 Economic Relief Fraud Launches Low Code Data Engineering SaaS Platform for Spark with $6 Million Investment?

nOps Recognized for its Security Compliances for AWS

Avatria Creates Avatria Engage for SAP Commerce Customers

Royal Papers Continues to Thrive with Pick Cloud MultiValue

Senators Grill Cybersecurity Execs on SolarWinds Attack

Live Webinar | Your Journey to the Cloud Operating Model

Ukraine Blames Russia for DDoS Attack on Defense Websites

Silver Sparrow Malware Infects 30,000 Macs

US Marine Corps Looks to Expand Insider Threat Program

Akash Network Creates Critical IBC Relayer for Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol

Analysis: Russia's Sandworm Hacking Campaign

SonicWall Was Hacked. Was it Also Extorted?

Fraudsters Using Telegram API to Harvest Credentials

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