The Health IT Security Forum is an international security organization that dedicated to helping healthcare organizations secure their data and that of their patients.  HITSF provides guidance for the healthcare industry on ways to protect privacy, prevent data breaches, maintain the confidentiality of information, and secure healthcare computing assets and medical devices.   HITSF members conduct multidisciplinary research and development in these areas and contribute to the Health IT Security Journal.

Here is the most recent news from our feed.

Elastic Releases Security Solution

FIN7 Gang Returns With New Malicious Tools: Researchers

Report: Hackers Spied on Moroccan Human Rights Activists

How Elsevier Used AI to Develop New Content Offerings (VIDEO)

Pitney Bowes Says Ransomware Behind System Outages

Analysis: New ISO Privacy Standard

Hepatitis Patients' Data Exposed

Mode Releases Responsive Data Engine Helix

CCPA Amendments Signed; Draft Regulations Released

Thoma Bravo to Buy Sophos for $3.9 Billion

dotData is Selected by the Microsoft for Startups Program

Imperva's Breach Post-Mortem: API Key Left Exposed

Rocket Software Extends Mainframe Commitment with RSD Acquisition

On The Frontlines: Patch Management

The Threat Smokescreen: Key Attack Commonalities

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