The Health IT Security Forum is an international security organization that dedicated to helping healthcare organizations secure their data and that of their patients.  HITSF provides guidance for the healthcare industry on ways to protect privacy, prevent data breaches, maintain the confidentiality of information, and secure healthcare computing assets and medical devices.   HITSF members conduct multidisciplinary research and development in these areas and contribute to the Health IT Security Journal.

Here is the most recent news from our feed.

Leveraging Data Engineering Trends to Revamp Your Enterprise Data Processes

Collibra Makes Trusted Data Accessible to More Users with New Innovations ?

Noname Recon Yields Anticipatory and Rapid Cyber Defense

d-Matrix Collaborates with Microsoft Project Bonsai

IBM Research and PyTorch Develop?Open-Source, Cloud-Native AI Training Network

Fortanix Introduces ?Free Tier? of its Data Security Manager

Two New Offerings from Fauna Target Data Residency Requirements and Scalable Performance

TigerGraph Develops New Analytics and ML Tools for TigerGraph Cloud

Rubrik Cyber Recovery Increases Cyber Preparedness for Security Attacks

The Rising Tide of AI: Advice for Creatives, the Crazy Ones, and the Rebels

Dataiku Strengthens the Dataiku Partner Network to Advance AI

SAP Gives Overview of Latest Innovations and Milestones

Flexibility is the Key to Stability

MotherDuck Raises $47.5M to Underpin Development for its DuckDB Cloud Analytics Platform

International Acquisition by Thrive Strengthens its Global Presence

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