The Health IT Security Forum is an international security organization that dedicated to helping healthcare organizations secure their data and that of their patients.  HITSF provides guidance for the healthcare industry on ways to protect privacy, prevent data breaches, maintain the confidentiality of information, and secure healthcare computing assets and medical devices.   HITSF members conduct multidisciplinary research and development in these areas and contribute to the Health IT Security Journal.

Here is the most recent news from our feed.

FDA's Kevin Fu on Threat Modeling for Medical Devices

Fraudsters Flooding Collaboration Tools With Malware

Empowering the Next Generation of DBAs with Modern Backup and Recovery

Lazarus Group Targets Freight Logistics Firm

Taking Data and Analytics to the Next Level in 2021: Q&A with Radiant Advisors' John O'Brien

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US Blacklists 7 Chinese Supercomputer Entities

The Role of Predictive KYC in Fighting Money Laundering

Crisis Communications: How to Handle Breach Response

600,000 Payment Cards Stolen From Swarmshop Darknet Market

Rockwell Automation Fixes 9 Flaws in FactoryTalk AssetCentre

Swarm64 and EnterpriseDB Collaborate to Provide Open Source Alternative to Legacy Data Warehouse Databases

Post-Ransomware Response: Victim Says 'Do the Right Thing'

Securiti Partners with Cisco to Provide Multi-Cloud Security

Ransomware Gang Exploits Old Fortinet VPN Flaw

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