The Health IT Security Forum is an international security organization that dedicated to helping healthcare organizations secure their data and that of their patients.  HITSF provides guidance for the healthcare industry on ways to protect privacy, prevent data breaches, maintain the confidentiality of information, and secure healthcare computing assets and medical devices.   HITSF members conduct multidisciplinary research and development in these areas and contribute to the Health IT Security Journal.

Here is the most recent news from our feed.

Live Webinar | Building a Secure, Convenient Customer Journey - The convenience-security paradox

Live Webinar | Work from Home: Identity and Access Governance and Data Breach Risks

Tellius Introduces On-Demand Platform Utilizing Machine Learning to Glean Insights

Feds Indict 'Fxmsp' for Hacking Multiple Firms

SUSE Snaps Up Kubernetes Management Platform Rancher Labs

CCPA Enforcement: What to Expect Now

Circonus Offers Kubernetes Monitoring Solution for Free for a Limited Time

DIACC: Building a Fully Digital Canada

Aiven Introduces Karapace, Offering Additional Kafka Tools

Microsoft Seizes Domains Used for COVID-19 Phishing Scam

Live Webinar | Protect Your Keys - or Don't Waste Time Encrypting Your Data (Portuguese Language)

Russian BEC Gang Targets Hundreds of Multinational Companies

Purple Fox Malware Targets More Vulnerabilities

Purple Fox Malware Targets Fresh Vulnerabilities

Informatica acquires Compact Solutions, Enhancing its Metadata Management Abilities

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