About the HITSF

Health IT Security Forum (HITSF) is the only truly independent forum for Health IT Security professionals and researchers worldwide.

Health IT Security Forum is an International Security Organization that dedicated to helping healthcare organization in securing their privacy data, confidential information, medical devices and will be recognized for the passion of its members in conducting multidisciplinary research and development in the area of Healthcare IT Security and e-Health.

Securing Privacy Data, Sensitive Information, and Medical Devices in Healthcare Organization.

The Forum Committee:
Dr. Hadi Syahrial
Dr. Nurhizam Safie
Dr. Lukas, CISA
Bambang Suhartono, S.Kom, MM, M.Kom
Eric Vanderburg
Prof. Dr. Moedjiono
Dr. Wendi Usino
Dr. Nazori
Assoc Prof. Dr. Zuraini Ismail
Yahaya Abdul Rohim, PhD
Seyed Mohammad Motahar, PhD
Riza Kurniawan
Dr. Dwi Handoko
Dipl.-Inf Kho I Eng
Nor’ashikin Ali, PhD
Dr. dr. Soegianto Ali
Dr. Elisabeth Rukmini
dr. Gregorius Bimantoro
Gregorius Hendita Artha Kusuma, S.Si, M.Cs
Mada R Perdhana
Dana Indra Sensuse, PhD

The HITSF was founded on June 4, 2013, in Jakarta.  Here is the founding declaration listing the founding members.

Founding declaration


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